What do DJs do on their days off?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

What do they do? Probably sit around and watch TV, hang out with their friends and play video games. I mean...we just play music, right? Wouldn't that be the life?

Actually, it's so much more and if you guessed mixing music you're on the right "track". A professional DJ spends a lot of their days off in the studio working on perfecting their mix (which is in reality never finished being perfected). We are always looking for new music to add into our mix. We also need to make sure the music is danceable and if it's not, how can we make it that way? Okay, that's it right? Well, if you have a great marketing agent and you don't want to advance any further in your career then maybe your close to being finished. If you're like most professional DJ's though you are also updating your calendar, website, answering emails and phone calls from clients, staying up to date on your social media platforms. And then if you are aspiring to be really big on the scene, you're creating your own mixes and hopefully producing some music of your own that will someday make the top 40 charts.

You might be wondering though what ELSE do DJ's do? The answer is human stuff. I like to go to Zumba and Body Pump classes, have girl time, shop, bake (I have a pie baking obsession) and catch an occasional movie with my sweetheart. But I'm always thinking of DJing no matter what I'm doing. That's why I love having coffee with my fellow female DJ's in town. We share things that only we can connect on. That helps us feel more human and not all alone on our journey.

Till next time!

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